Parenting With MS


Having kids when you are suffering from MS is not easy. But does it mean that we cannot be a great parent if we have MS? Of course not! We just need to know what our limitations how we can work around them. The following are things that have helped us with dealing with our MS and have allowed us to be just as good of a parent as someone without MS can be. Sometimes even better…

Look After Yourself

I assume that before you had kids, you had plenty of rest while suffering from MS. Unfortunately after having kids, you should try your best to continue this habit. Try and get lots of downtime and rest up for the times where you are going on an outing or spending time with your kids. These times are priceless.

Always Have A Plan B

As we all know, MS symptoms can come up at any time. This is the reason why you should always have a plan B activity. If you are going to go somewhere and have to cancel the trip with your kids because of your MS, having a plan B activity can save the day. After all, the last thing you want is for your MS symptoms to be flaring up and your kids bitterly disappointed about you cancelling the plans for the day.

Get Help From Friends And Family

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Family and close friends are always willing to help with they can. They could help with chores, even looking after your babies, changing diapers, loading the dishwasher, or even babysitting. The earlier you can ask for help the better. Don’t wait until you are utterly exhausted as you will need much more time to recover from this situation. Do yourself a favor and ask for a favor earlier then needed.